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July 2, 2012
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After the incident with the spell, England had finally agreed to let you sleep with him—but it was only temporarily! It was only while he felt like he still had to protect you in case that symptom might've come back again. After you had awoken, you literally forced England to take a bath, and you prepared food for him despite the weakness in your body. The two of you slept that night with his arms wrapped protectively around you. Due to the heavy amounts of crying that had worn out his throat, England wasn't able to talk for the next few days. You knew that there would've been problems for the both of you when he found out that there was going to be a meeting that he had to attend just two days after you had awoken.

England told you to stay home, but you said that he wouldn't have been able to talk in front of all the other nations, so you were going to have to do the talking for him. He was still in a fairly bad state when the two of you left for the meeting, but you hoped that nobody else would've seen it.

You were wrong, since when the both of you arrived at the building where the meeting was going to be held, you instantly saw Sophie run over to you.

"_____!" Sophie called before she halted in front of the both of you. You were holding onto England's arm, feeling your knees tremble from your months of inactivity. Sophie looked at you, eyeing you carefully up and down before she looked at England, her eyes instantly going wide in shock.

"England!" Sophie gasped as she stared at him. "What happened? You look like you got run over by a…a…a bus or something!"

England's cheeks flamed in embarrassment and he looked down at his feet. You shot him a sympathetic look before you turned your gaze back to Sophie. "Oh, he was just…really sick."

Sophie frowned. "_____, how come I didn't see you at the meetings for seven months?"

You rubbed the back of your neck with your hand. "Well, you see…England got a really bad cold. He was sick for like…a really long time, and he wasn't able to go to the meetings, so I had to take care of him until he got better. He's not fully recovered, and his throat is sore so he won't be able to talk."

You didn't want to tell Sophie all about the spell. You wanted to keep everything that happened for these past seven months between you and England a secret from everybody.

Sophie seemed only slightly convinced. She continued to eye you carefully. "You look a little…different."

"Different? Hah…!" you said, a forced laugh escaping your mouth as you looked at a wall. "Probably because we haven't seen each other for months!"

"Hmmph," Sophie said, her eyes narrowing. "Fine, _____. I won't ask anymore questions. I hope you feel better, England." With that, she turned on her heel and proceeded down the hall.

You felt a finger lightly tap your shoulder, and you looked up at England. "Are you going to tell anyone what really happened?" he asked quietly.

You shook your head. "Nah. I think it's best if we keep what happened between ourselves, and nobody else."


It turned out that many people were curious about why England looked so different, and you always gave them the same answer. You had to tell Germany that England wasn't going to be able to talk during the duration of the meeting and that you were going to have to do all the talking for him.

Throughout the meeting, you sat in your seat, your gaze focused intently on the discussion in front of you, knowing that you had to pay attention in case your opinion needed to be heard. It was something about hybrids. You sighed as you tapped your fingers against the table, waiting for your turn to speak. You briefly drifted your gaze up to Sophie, a little surprised to find her taking notes on what everybody was saying. You smiled. She really had changed back into her normal self after you scolded her, and that was something that you were relieved about.

All of a sudden, you felt a warm hand tightly grasp yours, and you felt your face heat up. You turned your head to gaze at England, who in return, only smiled at you. You sighed as you continued to look at him, those emerald eyes of his holding such a strong mix of emotions that were hard for you to recognize. Your unconsciousness didn't seem to affect you that much except bringing back the forgotten memories of your parents, but you knew that your inattentiveness had a dreadful affect on England.

Pity for the Brit washed over you like a giant wave. He didn't deserve to go through all of that misery and dreadfulness. It was your fault, since you were the one who proposed aging like him in the first place. He was just doing what you thought was best, but he was there to protect you when you were unconscious.

All of your thoughts made you unaware that you were still staring directly at England, and once you snapped out of your thoughts and realization hit you, you felt a wave of heat spread across your face. Quickly, you turned your gaze away from England and instead, looked at your entwined hands.

England's hand felt so soft, so warm, so protective…. You remembered how you always felt tense whenever he seemed to hold your hand without warning, but now, you didn't mind at all. You actually began to like it when he held your hand. Whenever he did that, you just knew that he would've been there to always protect you, and that was something that you were grateful for.

Suddenly, you heard someone loudly clear their throat, and when you lifted your head, every pair of eyes in the room were set on you. Instantly, you felt your face turn beet red when you realized that everyone had been trying to get your attention for quite some time now. But you were too busy focusing on holding England's hand to pay attention.

"_____," Germany said to you, an irritated look on his face as he stood up from his seat, "what do you think?"

You let out a tiny laugh, violently releasing your hand from England's and rubbing the back of your neck. "I'm sorry Mr. Germany; I wasn't…paying attention…."

Germany let out an aggravated sigh. "_____, next time make sure that you're paying attention to the discussion instead of holding England's hand."

At that, many of the countries around you snickered, including Sophie, and you shrunk back in your seat in embarrassment. Out of the corner of your eye, you were able to spot England, his face just as red as yours as he rested his forehead in his hand. You were able to tell that he was just as humiliated as you were.

"I-I'm sorry!" you said. "I promise I'll pay attention next time!"

Germany glared at you. "Anyway, _____, what do think about the production of hybrids?"

You swallowed as you slowly stood up from your seat and tried to confidently meet the gaze of the nations who were staring at you in amusement. Based on what they just saw occur between you and England, they were going to have a hard time taking you seriously if you weren't confident.

You took a deep breath, feeling determination surge through your body, and you pounded your fist on the table to let everybody know that you weren't fooling around. "I believe that hybrids are an efficient way to benefit the environment," you said, your voice loud and clear. You were able to see Sophie taking notes on what you were saying, and you couldn't have helped but smile before you continued. "For example, millions of gallons of gasoline are used by people who drive, and those millions of gallons are harmful to the environment. They can damage the trees, cause water to become filthy, and make the atmosphere dirty. If these hybrids were to run on electricity, we wouldn't have to worry about the millions of people that drive every day expelling a substance from their cars that would cause harm to the earth."

Once you were finished you sat down, leaning back in your seat and crossing your arms, giving everyone around you a long, hard stare that held all the ice of the coldest winter. The looked that you received in return from the countries around you made you know that they no longer thought that you were some love struck teenager who paid more attention to romance rather than topics that concerned the world. You smirked.

As soon as the next country began to add onto the discussion, you were faintly aware of England staring at you with a hint of admiration. You quickly turned your head so that you were able to look at him, but as soon as you did, he quickly drew his gaze away from you and onto the table, a tiny blush appearing on his face.

Arthur sure is acting weird…you thought to yourself as you turned your attention back to the discussion.


England was glad when the meeting was finally over. It was a surprise that this meeting seemed to go along pretty smoothly without any arguments. He wished that all meetings would've been like that. If they were, things would've been a whole lot easier for him.

Once most of the countries left the room, you were already gathering your things and were prepared to leave as well. "Let's go, England," you said to him as you took a few steps towards the exit.

England got up from his seat, and he was about to follow you before he noticed France out of the corner of his eye, motioning with his finger for him to come over. England sighed in annoyance when he realized that he was going to be entering a conversation with France.

"Er…you go ahead, _____," he said to you quietly. "Wait for me outside in the hall. I'll be there in a few minutes."

You turned around to face him with a bit of confusion in your gaze, but you only nodded before you proceeded towards the door and left the room.

Now, the only people left in the room were England and France. England glared at him as he slowly approached him, wondering why on earth France needed to talk to him now out of all other times.

"What do you want, Frog?" England rasped when he was only a few feet away from the Frenchman.

France smirked as he twirled a strand of hair. "I just thought about having a conversation with you, Angleterre."

England crossed his arms and looked away. "A conversation about what?"

France leaned closer only the slightest bit, although England was fully aware of it. "I've noticed you acting a little…different."
England rolled his eyes. "What the bloody hell makes you think that I'm acting different?"

France smirked again. "Well, it seems like you're paying a lot of attention to a certain someone lately, non?"

England sighed irritably. "I have no idea what you're talking about."

France chuckled as he approached England and wrapped an arm around his shoulders, making the Brit flinch. "Don't tell me you don't know what I'm talking about! Believe me, Angleterre, I've been noticing some wonderful things going on between you and _____."

England turned his head away from France, hiding the blush that appeared on his face. "W-What things?"

France laughed. "Oh, so I see you haven't noticed it yet, even though a lot of us already have. I've noticed how passionately you were holding _____'s hand during the meeting today, and the way you were looking at her when she stood up and gave her speech."

England closed his eyes and sighed in aggravation, feeling his face turn even redder than it already was. "So? That doesn't mean anything."

"Ohonhonhon, of course it does~" France said, his lips curving upward in a smile. "You don't allow anybody else to hold your hand the way you let _____, her speeches seem to be the only ones you actually pay attention to, and the way you look at her just gives all your feelings for her away!"

England was about to protest before France added, "And Sophie told me a few months ago that _____ was the only one who was allowed to hug you without you pushing her away!"

Tired of all of France's nonsense, England grabbed his arm and attempted to pull it away, but it proved to be useless. "Look at you now," France said as soon as he noticed England trying to break free. "I'm not even hugging you the way _____ does and yet you're still trying to break free!"

England groaned before he fiercely slapped France's arm away and took a big step back. "That doesn't mean anything at all!" he yelled, his voice somehow free of the hoarseness that it contained just moments ago. "Just because I treat her differently than all you bloody wankers doesn't mean that I might be in a relationship with her!"

"You're only lying to yourself, Angleterre," France said as he placed a hand on the table. "You may think that you might not treasure some special feelings for her, but you really do! Just think about it—when was the last time you told her that you cared about her?"

England looked at the ground. He remembered when you fell unconscious, and how he had never left your side. He had said to you, even though you were unable to hear it, that he really cared about you, and the fact that he had stayed by your side for over half a year proved it. However, he didn't want to share this information with France.

Instead, he cleared his throat and drifted his gaze off to the wall. "Why on earth should I tell you?"

"Because I can help make your life better," France replied convincingly. "I know you possess special feelings for _____, and if you tell me them, I will be able to help you declare your love for her."

England felt his chest tighten. He suddenly remembered when you had asked him whether or not he loved you as if you lived with him forever, and he had been caught so off-guard that he wasn't even able to answer. He sighed before he finally forced himself to reply to France. "It was…a few months ago…" he said quietly.
"And what did _____ say back?"

"She didn't say anything," England muttered. Of course you weren't able to say anything back—you were unconscious, after all!

A few moments of silence passed before France replied. "Well, Angleterre, if ______ didn't say that she cared about you as well, you should admit your feelings for her! If she knew that you loved her, she would've had to care about you!"

England groaned as he took a step away from France and glared at him. "No, you don't understand. There is no possible way that I would be able to possess feelings for her. I am a country, and she is just an ordinary person. There are so many differences between us—we could never possibly fall in love with each other!" Of course, England had to keep the spell a secret, even from France. So far, nobody else had any idea that you were aging just like him.

France smirked. "Well, the sooner you admit your feelings to _____, the better!" he said with a wink before he walked out of the room, leaving England by himself.

A few seconds passed with him staring at the spot where France stood just seconds ago before he finally had the ability to walk out of the room. Once he stepped out into the hall and closed the door behind him, he spotted you leaning against the wall, playing with your nails.

When you noticed England's presence, you looked up at him and smiled before you approached him and grasped his hand. "There you are!" you said cheerfully as England stared at you. You blinked. "What was it that you and France were talking about?"

England looked at you for a few more seconds before he dropped his gaze to the ground and mumbled, "Oh…nothing."
OH, FRANCE. :iconohuplz:

It's fun writing with France, for some reason... ewe

Link to the rest of the chapters are here~ [link]
Preview image is by me o-o
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