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June 27, 2012
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England agreed to let you sleep over with Sophie at America's house practically without any hesitations. You figured that he also wanted to spend a little time away from you, which you were relieved for. You made sure to pack everything that you might've needed for the week, and by the time the evening came, you had everything ready.

The only issue for you was how you were going to get there. Sophie had not planned on America coming over to pick you up, so the only way for you to get there was to go on a plane with England. Once again, you prepared yourself for seven or eight hours of sitting directly next to him in awkward silence.

This plane ride was not as bad as your last one had been. You made sure to bring along some hard candy for you to suck on while your ears were clogged. Most of the time, you were looking out the plane window, not even bothering to be afraid of how high you were. All you wanted to do was to get your mind off of the person sitting next to you.

About halfway into the plane ride, you were still staring out the window at the clouds below you when you felt a soft tap on your shoulder.

Instantly, you turned away from the window and faced England, who was looking at you with a bit of uncertainty in his eyes. Instantly, you felt your heart race. "Arthur, did you need something?" you asked cautiously.

England cleared his throat before he looked down at his hands. "Actually, I wanted to ask you a question."

Oh no… you thought. He was probably going to ask something that would've made things even more awkward. But somehow, you couldn't have refused. "G-Go on…" you said quietly after a few seconds of silence.

England sighed before he continued. "_____, you weren't really serious about what you asked me yesterday, were you?"

You felt your rapid heart rate slow down by just the slightest amount. "Why do you ask?"

Another moment of silence passed before England replied. "Well, I happened to overhear you talking to, er…Sophie, and you said that she forced you to ask me that question, and I began to wonder whether you really meant it or not…."

You blinked before you pressed your head against your seat and stared out the plane window. "No, I didn't mean it. Honestly, Sophie can be so annoying sometimes. I don't even know why I even listened to her when she told me to ask you what I did. All I did as a result was just cause unnecessary tension between the both of us. I'm sorry."

A few seconds of silence passed before England sighed in relief. "It's okay, _____. I've only met Sophie once, but from what I already know I can tell that she's starting to become a lot like America. I wonder if he's even the perfect guardian for her."

"Well, maybe he is," you murmured. "Sophie sounds like she enjoys living with him. But I'm worried that eventually she'll become exactly like him."

England groaned and ran a hand through his hair. "Honestly, two Americas are the very last things I need right now."

You couldn't have helped but laugh. England always seemed to cheer you up somehow whenever you felt depressed or nervous, and you were thankful that what happened yesterday seemed to be behind the both of you.


After the both of you got out of the airport, England led you to America's house. You were a little surprised at how well he knew where it was located. America's house was very big, just like England's, and you figured that all the countries had houses that were more or less equally large. The neighborhood where America lived in was very active with people, but you didn't seem to mind.

Once you paused in front of the large door to America's house with the handle of your suitcase tightly in your grasp, you turned around to face England, who was standing a few feet away from you. "So I'll see you in a week?"

England nodded, and as he walked away from the entrance and proceeded down the sidewalk, you were about to ring the doorbell when the door practically flew open to reveal Sophie standing there, looking at you with wide, excited eyes.

"_____, you came!" she squealed as she hurled herself at you. You let out a gasp as you felt her enormous strength cause you to fall on your back on the pavement, your grip on the suitcase releasing.

You let out a gasp as your back collided with the hard floor, and you heard Sophie continue to squeal as you felt your lungs being crushed under her extremely tight hug.

"Sophie," you chocked through your lack of air. "Can you…can you g-get off…me?"

"Oh, sorry," Sophie giggled before she pulled herself off of you, allowing you to take a deep breath to regain the air that you were short of. Your back was in pain due to your hard fall on the pavement, but that didn't stop you from getting up and retrieving your suitcase.

"Sophie, you're unusually strong," you said to your friend as you rubbed your back. "What happened?"

Sophie smiled. "There's a gym not to far from here, and I go there to exercise almost every single day. I became really strong in only a few days!"

"Oh, really?" you muttered as you looked at the ground. "I wouldn't mind if you took me there within the next few days…"

Sophie clapped her hands excitedly. "Sure! It'll be fun! But wait—you haven't even stepped inside the house yet and you're already thinking of going to places outside it!"

You let out a tiny laugh at Sophie's comment, and before you were able to reply, you let out a yelp as she grabbed your wrist and pulled you inside. Almost instantly after you entered, you stared at the place in amazement. It wasn't as neat as England's house was, and some of the clothes were more or less scattered over the floor as well as some food wrappers. But overall, the house was fairly organized and was filled with many electronics and other things that you have never seen before.

"Where's America?" you asked as Sophie began to drag you across the living room and towards the stairs.

"Oh, he went out to buy us lunch," Sophie replied as she dragged you up the stairs, causing you to almost trip over your own feet more than once.

"He went out?" you asked in shock.

"Well, duh!" Sophie laughed, causing your chest to tighten in anxiety. You never ate out; either you or England always prepared the food that you ate, and that was just the way you wanted it. The only times you ever ate out were at a world meetings, but that was when there was no chance to pack food along with you. You never ate out when you were at home and preparing your own food was an option.

Sophie led you down the upstairs hallway and paused in front of a door practically covered with colorful stickers and several posters of you had no idea what. "This is the door to my room," she announced proudly.

You had to blink a few times before you were able to believe it. The door was so decorative, a little—most likely a lot—too much for your taste. "Uh…I prefer plain," you muttered, and Sophie was able to hear you.

"Pffft. Plain is boring!" she said as she grabbed the doorknob. "Honestly, I think you're becoming too much like England."

"But you only met England once…" you said quietly, irritation building up in your voice. If anybody is becoming too much like someone else, it's you, Sophie.

"So? America told me enough about him so that I can get a general idea about his personality. Now close your eyes," Sophie directed you as she began to slowly open the door.

You sighed. "Honestly Sophie, why do I need to close my eyes?"

"Because then, showing you my room would be like a surprise!" Sophie said happily, and you had no choice but to obey. You closed your eyes, and a few seconds passed while Sophie opened the door before she grabbed your arm and once again pulled you inside.

"Okay, you can open your eyes now!" Sophie giggled, and once you did, your jaw practically fell to the floor.

Everywhere you looked, you saw so many colorful things. The walls were a colorful array of pink, yellow, and purple stripes, the bedspread was hot pink and was filled with different pillows and even a few stuffed animals, the room had a TV and several video games, and a laptop was located on Sophie's desk, which was loaded with several kinds of different decorations.

Sophie is…spoiled, you thought as you stepped inside the room, feeling the soft purple carpet tingle your feet. "Wow, Sophie…" you murmured slowly. "Your room is really…great."

Sophie laughed. "I'm glad you like it!" she ran over to her bed and jumped on top of it. "If you want, you can take a look around!"
"Uh…sure," you said as you slowly walked around the room, examining everything there was to see. You had never seen a video game device, a waterproof camera, and a very thin cell phone before, and many of the other things in Sophie's room were new to you. You could've hardly believed that this is the room of the same girl who used to live in a room that barely had proper air conditioning.

"Sophie, I'm back!" a voice called from downstairs.

"America's back!" Sophie said as she jumped off of the bed.

"America?" you said as your eyes widened in excitement. You never got the chance to properly thank him for bringing you back to England. Quickly, you dashed out of Sophie's room and ran down the stairs, Sophie easily catching up to you. When you entered the living room, you found America at the front door taking his shoes off, several bags on the floor next to him.

"America!" you said as you ran up to him and jumped on top of him, receiving a surprised grunt in return.

"Whoa, hey, _____!" America said as you wrapped your arms around him. He laughed at your excitement. "What's with the jumpy greeting?"

You smiled. "I never got the chance to thank you for bringing me back to England!"

"Oh, well, you're welcome!" America laughed as he hugged you back, while Sophie watched a few feet away.

"Hey, wait a second!" she said, causing you to jump back down on the floor and look at her in confusion. When both you and America's gazes were set to Sophie, she continued. "If America adopted me and _____, that means he's our father, and we're sisters, right?"

"Oh…" you murmured as you pressed a finger to your chin and looked at your feet. You never really thought about what would've happened after America adopted you, but Sophie was right. He was the one who legally adopted the both of you, so that meant he was your father, and Sophie was your sister.

"Um…I don't have to call you dad, do I?" you asked as you looked awkwardly up at America.

"Haha, of course not!" America said as he waved his hand dismissively. "Since you're already here, _____, you can have lunch with us."

"Oh, um…sure," you said quietly before you looked into one of the bags and instantly felt your stomach turn. All you were able to find in the bag were hamburgers, French fries, and soda—all of them were foods that you have never eaten before but you were a little curious to try them. England had told you about how American food is bad for you and will eventually make you fat, but you were only going to be eating this kind of food for a week, so surely it wouldn't cause you any harm.


You sat on top of your sleeping bag next to Sophie's bed, silence filling the atmosphere. It had been a while since the lights were turned off, but you knew that Sophie was too excited to be sleeping, and in a way, you were too. The food that you ate for lunch was actually not that bad and you were able to eat it just fine. It tasted so much different than England's food, but that was what you came to like about it. You thought that you wouldn't mind eating these for the rest of the week.

You sighed as you looked down at your hands. Today, you came to realize exactly how much Sophie had been transformed into America. She ate almost exactly the same way as he did, talked very much like him, and acted a lot like him. It was time to ask her whether or not she was aware of all her changes.

"Hey, Sophie?" you asked quietly as you looked up at her bed.

"Yeah?" she said as she sat up in her bed and looked down at you.

You cleared your throat. "Um…do you mind if I ask you a question?"

Sophie smiled. "Go right on ahead."

You sighed before you continued. "Do you ever get the feeling that you might be…changing a little bit?"

Sophie frowned. "Why do you ask?"

You stood up so that you were more or less level with her. "I've been noticing a lot of changes in you, changes that have to do with America. You eat like him, talk like him, act like him, and so much more. I was wondering if you noticed all of this stuff."

Sophie glared at you. "I do not act like America at all!" she said defensively as she began to raise the covers over her head.

"No, Sophie, wait!" you said in attempt to stop her from ending this conversation. "I-I noticed that you've gotten really hyper and often excited, and you've also gotten very loud. I often wince when you talk to me over the phone because your voice is so noisy. Before, you were quiet, and…and shy, but now you're a lot louder and a bit too outgoing."

"So?" Sophie said as she buried her head under the covers. "That doesn't mean that I'm becoming like America in any way. If I were to add something to this, I would say that you're becoming a lot like England."

You glared at her. "That's not true at all!"

"Oh, yeah it is," Sophie said. "You're becoming way too serious, you're getting a bad taste in food, and to you, everything has to be organized and in its proper place. You're even starting to get a British accent!"

"What? Really?" you asked as you lightly pressed a hand to your throat.

"Yuh," Sophie replied. "I've been noticing how you say certain things a lot more…British-ish."

You groaned. "Well, what happened to your British accent, Sophie? I bet that since you were born in England, you had to have had one. I still remember the way you used to talk before you started living with America. But now it's gone. All of it."

"You know what, _____?" Sophie asked loudly. "How about we just throw all of this garbage in the trash and go to sleep?" With that, she buried herself under the covers and remained silent.

You sighed, realizing that talking to her about her changes was useless. "Fine, Sophie," you muttered as you buried yourself in your sleeping bag. Talking to her about this stuff had proven to be pointless.
Sounds like this will be a fun week~ o3o
And yes, Sophie did have a British accent :I

Link to the rest of the chapters are here~ [link]
Preview image is by me o-o
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alexhound Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2013

England had told you about how American food is bad for you and will eventually make you fat, but you were only going to be eating this kind of food for a week, so surely it wouldn't cause you any harm harm.....

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Sophie Sophie Sophie
I don't know how i said it the last time but I'll just say

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America, he's awesome, not that annoying at all...

What the fuuuk Sophie?
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So im not spoiled unlike sophie who i think is a real Bitch >:1
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"Oh, he went out to buy us lunch,"
Me: Oh shit.
Me: I don't see whats wrong with a British accent.. I have one and my American friend likes it..
Me: I mean, whats wrong with being British, its not MY Fault Reader-chan was born in America...
Me: Iggy-kun, lets go have some tea and scones.
Arthur: MY scones?
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