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June 25, 2012
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It felt strange talking to Sophie while the meeting was in progress. Since there were no benches for the both of you to sit on like there were at the meeting in America, the two of you went outside to the beautiful garden located in the back of the building. It was about four times bigger than England's garden and had almost every kind of flower you could've imagined. You figured that a wonderful place like this would've been perfect for you to get the chance to have a conversation with Sophie.

Before, you were able to talk to her freely, and share with her all of your feelings. Now, it felt like you were talking to a totally different person. The tiny, frail girl who wanted nothing more than a home and good food seemed to be living in total luxury now. The shy, quiet girl was now loud, a little too outgoing, and very energetic and hyper. You wondered if Sophie was able to even notice how much she'd changed. You wanted to ask her, but felt that it was too early. You would've talked to her about that another time.

"Oh, these flowers smell wonderful!" Sophie said as she plucked a pink flower from its roots and smelled it. Her eyes brightened as she looked at you. "I haven't gotten the chance to smell flowers in such a long time!"

"Yeah…" you said meekly as you looked down at the wonderful array of flowers in front of the both of you. You knew that Sophie wanted to be absorbed by nature for a fairly long time. Back at the orphanage, she always told you of how she wanted nothing more than to get the chance to play in the rain, climb up a tree, smell a flower, or do anything involving nature. But the both of you were always trapped inside, and she never even got the chance to see a flower grow.

You were able to spot Sophie place the flower back down in its original position out of the corner of your eye, and you saw her throw her arms up and fall back and onto the grass. You turned around and looked at her, and you couldn't have helped but smile as you watched her laugh and roll over in the grass.

"Hey, _____!" she called to you as she pulled at the grass and looked up at the sky. "Come lie down with me!"

You agreed, and sat down on the grass next to Sophie. You let out a tiny yelp as you felt her grab your arm and pull you back so that you were lying down as well. You smiled as you felt the soft, fresh grass tangle through your hair and tickle the back of your neck.

"So…do you like living with England?" Sophie asked you after a few minutes passed with the both of you staring up at the slowly moving clouds.

You sighed and closed your eyes, feeling the sun warm your face. "It's alright."

"Alright?" Sophie asked in surprise as she sat up and looked down at you, blocking the sun from warming your face. "What do you mean alright?"

You opened your eyes and saw her towering over you. You blinked in confusion. "What do you mean what do I mean?"

Sophie groaned as she plopped back down on the grass. "I thought living with England would be so much more than 'alright' for you. I remember how you always used to talk about living in a real home instead of the orphanage, and now that you actually have one, all you can say is 'alright'?"

"N-No!" you said loudly as you dug your fingers into the grass. "Living with England is like living with the kind of person that I always dreamed of."

"Oh, really?" Sophie said, a smirk edging her voice. "And how is that so?"

"Well," you said quietly as you loosened your grip. "England cares for me, protects me, feeds me food that I actually like, is always there to comfort me whenever I feel depressed, is always there for me, and, well…I look up to him."

"I see," Sophie said, the smirk in her voice becoming more visible. A few seconds of silence passed before a thought popped into her head, and it made the smirk in her voice turn into a smirk on her lips. "I remember a few years ago, back at the orphanage, you told me that you wanted to live with a person that loved you as if you always lived with them. Now tell me, _____...does England love you as if you always lived with him?"

You felt your face instantly turn beet red, and you quickly rolled over onto your side, back facing Sophie so she wouldn't have seen your heavy blush. "H-How would I know?" you stammered. "I mean…I-It's not like I can just go up and ask him!"

"Well, maybe you should," Sophie snickered. "If he says yes, then he would really, truly be the kind of person that you always dreamed of living with."

"But what if he gets mad?" you said, your voice dropping to a murmur. "I once asked him a question that made him get mad, so what if he gets mad when I ask him this question?"

"Oh, he won't get mad at you," Sophie said. "After all, you seem like the only one in the world who's allowed to hug him. I'm sure that a simple question like this wouldn't be enough to get him totally furious."

"Still, I don't know…" you muttered. "I think that England's the kind of person that can get mad at people really easily. I mean, I saw him strangle France just because he grabbed me. I'll admit that it was scary, but—"

"Please, _____?" Sophie asked as she rolled over to face you. "I promise that England won't get mad! Throughout these two and a half years that you lived with him, how many times have you actually gotten him mad?"

"I think…once," you said softly. "But I don't think it was directly at me, though."

"What did you do?" Sophie asked as she sat upright and looked down at you.

"Um…" you rolled over onto your belly, propped yourself up on the grass with your elbows, and rested your chin in your hands. "England…caught me reading a book about the American Revolution."

"Oh…" Sophie said quietly before she lied back down on the grass. "America told me about the Revolution. He said that sometimes he wishes that it never even happened, and that England didn't hate him."

"Really?" you said in amazement. "England told me that the Revolution made his life miserable, and that he constantly wished for things to have been different. I never knew that America felt the same way."

"That's unusual," Sophie murmured. "If America told me that England hates him, then the two of them probably don't know of each others feelings, right?"

"Yeah," you said as you sat back up and looked down at the grass. "Based on how they always argue with each other and stuff, it would've been hard to tell that they secretly miss each other…."

Another few seconds of silence passed until Sophie piped up. "Okay, okay. We're getting off topic! England only got mad in front of you because you brought up a touchy subject. I bet asking that question wouldn't get him mad at all!"

"Are you sure?" you asked, looking down at Sophie as you raised an eyebrow.

"Yes, I'm sure," Sophie said. "And even if England does get mad, it's not like he can stay that way for long!"

You slowly nodded, feeling a blush creep up on your face from just thinking about going up to England and asking him that. "Okay, I'll do it."


You nervously stepped outside into the backyard, instantly feeling the warm wind whip your hair. Your heart rate increased when you spotted England sitting in a chair on the patio, reading another one of his books, something that he seemed to constantly do.

Why am I so nervous? you asked yourself as you stood there, watching England with flustered eyes. It's not you were going to ask a question that was going to change the both of your lives forever. It was just a simple question that probably would've been forgotten the next day.

You could've practically heard Sophie's voice in your head, ranting at you to walk up to England and ask him that question. You took a deep breath and slowly took the few steps that were needed to stand directly in front of him. It was not seconds later when he noticed your presence and looked up at you.

"Hello, _____," England said to you as you kept on staring at him. "Do you need something?"

"Uh…." you muttered as you played with your fingers, your cheeks going red as you looked down at the ground. You took a deep breath before you shut your eyes tight and lifted your head, your fists clenched so hard that your knuckles were ghostly white. "Do you…Do you love me as if I lived with you forever?!" you asked in half a yell.

A deadly moment of silence passed, and with each second that went by, you felt your heart beat faster and faster. I did the wrong thing, I did the wrong thing… you repeated over and over in your head. Your eyes were still shut tight as a minute of silence passed. That minute turned into two. Then three. Then four.

Slowly, you opened one eye to get a look at England, and then instantly opened both. You expected his eyes to be flaming with anger, but instead, they held an extremely flustered expression, his mouth was slightly opened, and almost his whole face was a deep color of red that you have never seen before.

Another few seconds of silence passed before England stood up, dropping his book in the process. He cleared his throat. "I have to go to the…um…bathroom…." Before you could've replied, he practically ran past you and into the house, leaving you standing there in utter shock.


Both you and England stayed out of each others way for the rest of that day, and you felt that some alone time was the best way for you to try to get rid of that terribly embarrassing experience. Why the hell did I have to listen to Sophie?! you yelled in your head. Now England's probably never going to talk to me!

You were in your room, your face buried in your pillow when the phone rang. England picked it up, and after a few seconds you heard him enter your room. You lifted your head from the pillow and looked at him.

"_____, it's uh…for you," England said as he drifted his gaze off to the wall.

Slowly, you climbed off the bed and tensely approached England before you took the phone. "Oh, um…thanks."

After he walked out of your room and you closed the door, you heard Sophie's loud voice over the phone.

"Hey, _____! I—"

"Sophie, that was very humiliating!" you yelled over the phone, not caring about whether or not England might've been listening to your outburst. "Why the hell did you force me to ask England that question?! Just by looking at him, I was able to tell that he was just as embarrassed as I was, and now he's not even talking to me!"

"Whoa, calm down!" Sophie said, a hint of amusement in her voice. "What did he say?"

"He didn't say anything!" you yelled. "All he did was just walk away without a single reply. See, this is what happens when I listen to you! Somehow, things always end up being worse for me. if I had listened to you when you told me not to run away from the orphanage, I never would've found the wonderful home I am in now, and you wouldn't have found a home to live in either!"

A few seconds of silence passed before Sophie replied, her voice a lot quieter and on the edge of sadness. "I'm sorry, _____. But seriously, take a chill pill. I'm sure England will get over it soon."

"I don't think so," you huffed. "I think we just need to get away from each other for a few days, and maybe things will become a little less tense."

"Hey, speaking of getting away!" Sophie said brightly. "I wanted to ask you if you wanted to sleep over at America's house with me for the week starting tomorrow."

"R-Really?" you asked in bewilderment. "Does America know?"

"Sure!" Sophie replied happily. "He said I could do whatever I want. Anyway, are you coming?"

You had lost your voice for the next few seconds until you somehow managed to reply, "S-Sure, but I don't know if England will let me…"

"Oh, sure he will," Sophie said. "After all, it's the only way the both of you can really get away from each other for a while."

"Um, okay then…" you said quietly. "If he lets me, I'll see you tomorrow, then."

"Yeah," Sophie said.

After the both of you hung up, you threw the phone on the bed as well as yourself, looking up at the ceiling. You were going to be sleeping with Sophie again, only this time it was probably going to be a much more different experience than it was back at the orphanage. Maybe then you would've been able to ask her whether or not she was aware of how much she was changing.
Oh, Sophie you.... :iconohstopityouplz:

Link to the rest of the chapters are here~ [link]
Preview image is by me o-o
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