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August 24, 2012
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"Arthur, this feels so silly," you murmured as you walked blindly forward, your hands dropped down to your sides.

England chuckled as he continued to guide you forward from his place behind you. "Don't worry, love. I'll let you see in just a minute."

You let out a tiny smile as you continued walking forward, feeling the cool night air tickle your skin. The reason you weren't able to see was because, unfortunately, England's hands were covering your eyes. The both of you had arrived at the destination of your honeymoon, and since England wanted it to be a total surprise, he didn't allow you to get even the tiniest peek at it until the both of you were already there.

As the both of you continued walking forward, you took in your surroundings, mainly through your sense of smell. You were able to smell fresh pine trees, newly cut grass, and saltwater. You figured that you must've been somewhere near a beach and a forest, but you didn't know any kind of place that had both of these surroundings. You couldn't wait until England finally allowed you to open your eyes. You were itching to see what the place of your honeymoon looked like.

You were able to hear the crunching of leaves under your feet as you and England continued slowly walking forward, and you figured that there must've been a good amount of trees in the area. This thought made you smile, since you had told England years ago how much you loved the outdoors and he still seemed to remember.

A few minutes passed of walking in silence until England halted, making you stop walking as well. A few more moments passed, and you were able to feel England's warm breath tickle your neck. "Can I open my eyes now, Mr. Kirkland?" you asked playfully, a hint of excitement detectable in your voice.

England smiled before he removed his hands from your eyes and let them drop down to his sides. "Yes, now you can, _____."

You felt your heart pound excitedly in your chest as you slowly opened your eyes, the smile on your face still prominent. As soon as you took in the sight in front of you, you let out a gasp as you covered your open mouth with both hands and let out a tiny squeal.

It was like something that you had only imagined would occur in your dream. The place where you and England were going to be spending the next few days at was a simple, modern two story house with several balconies located on each side. The house was located at the top of the grassy hill in which both you and England were currently standing on. To one side of the house, which was to your right, you were able to locate a small beach, with water that sparkled brightly under the moonlight. To the left of the house, you were able to spot a large, open area of grass that had several pine trees surrounding it, which you figured eventually led to a forest. You were able to tell that the balconies that were on both sides of the house were able to give you the perfect view of the forest and the beach. It was like a two-in-one, and you never imagined anything better. Everything here was perfect.

"Oh, Arthur…" you murmured, your voice muffled through your hands as you felt tears on the edge of forming in your eyes. "Th-This is beautiful…." You removed your hands from your mouth and turned around to face England, who had his hands tucked in the pockets of his coat as he smiled warmly at you. You returned the smile as you took the few steps needed to wrap your arms around him and bury your face in his shoulder. "I…I couldn't have imagined anything better. Thank you…"

England chuckled before he slowly closed his eyes and wrapped one arm around your waist while he gently stroked your hair with his other hand. A few more moments passed in silence before you pulled away from England and stared into his emerald eyes, that smile never leaving your face. "So, are we finally going to stop standing here and go unpack our stuff?" you asked playfully.

England smiled before he took your hand and started leading you towards the house. "Of course, love."


You stood outside on one of the balconies on the second floor, gazing out into the calm water in front of you. This balcony was attached to the bedroom in which both you and England were going to be sleeping. That bedroom was much larger than you expected, and it had a king-sized canopy bed and a large flat-screen TV. England was still inside unpacking his things, so that left you some time to stand outside, gazing down at the beach.

You sighed as you rested your elbows against the smooth, glossy wooden rail of the balcony and continued gazing out into the water, feeling a cool breeze blow softly through your (h/c) hair. How you loved being among the presence of nature. It always made everything in your life seem so calm, so free of worries. It was no wonder to you that you didn't mind sleeping behind a bench in the grass nine years ago. To you, sleeping in the grass was several times better than sleeping in a hard, old bed.

You took in a slow, deep breath of fresh, cool air, smiling as the refreshing smell of the salty water filled your nose. When all was completely silent, you were able to hear the sounds of the calm waves as they gently lapped against the sandy shore below you. Everything about this night was perfect. When you were among the presence of nature, everything felt perfect.

"How are you doing, _____?" a voice asked before you, making you jump in surprise and let out a tiny gasp.

You quickly spun around to face the person standing in the doorway, your heartbeat rapid in shock. You felt a small hint of irritation grow inside you when you saw England leaning against the doorframe, an amused look on his face.

"Don't scare me like that," you said, annoyance detectable in your voice as you crossed your arms.

England smiled before he walked up to you and gave you an apologetic kiss on the cheek. "I'm sorry, love."

"Th-That's okay," you mumbled as you stared down at the ground. You knew that it would've been impossible for you to be mad at England in any sort of way. He had done so many good things for you that you felt like you hadn't even thanked him for. He was always just too kind towards you for you to get angry at him.

A few more moments of silence passed with you staring down at the wooden deck below you, and you were able to feel England's fingers as they gently brushed through your hair. You let out a sigh before you finally lifted your gaze to look up at him. "Hey…Arthur?" you asked quietly, a hint of uneasiness in your voice.

England lowered his gaze to meet yours as he still continued softly stroking your hair. "Yes, _____?"

A smile made its way to your lips as you frowned playfully. "So…how did you feel about spending two weeks without me?"

England sighed before he slowly closed his eyes and wrapped his arms around you. "Well…let's just say I wasn't very happy."

You giggled. "Well, you were probably happier than I was."

"That's not true," England objected, a hint of amusement in his voice. "You were able to spend those two weeks with your best friend, while I was all by myself."

You shook your head. "Well, you have no idea how lonely I was. I kept on thinking about you, how much I wanted to see you again, how much I wanted the wedding to finally arrive so I wouldn't have to be away from you anymore. I was so impatient, and even Sophie said that I was acting way more stubborn."

England chuckled. "Well, that doesn't mean that I didn't feel the same way. I also wanted the wedding to arrive quickly so I could've been able to see how beautiful you looked in your dress."

You felt a blush come to your cheeks before you turned your head slightly away from England and dropped your gaze down to the ground. "Well, being separated for two weeks is barely anything compared to being separated for a month, or…seven," you said, dropping your voice on the last word so that it was barely a whisper.

England sighed before he pulled you close so that you were pressed against him. "Yes, those were just…awful," he murmured, and you were able to detect the sadness in his voice. "I…I never thought I could've felt so alone and depressed as I had been then…"

Slowly, you closed your eyes and leaned forward so that your chin was rested on England's shoulder. "Arthur…" you began quietly.


You hesitated for a moment, opening your eyes just the slightest amount and drifting your gaze off to the tiny waves lapping against the shore, before you continued. "What…would you have done if America never rescued me from the orphanage, or I would've been adopted by someone else…?"

England sighed. "I…I would've been terribly upset, lonely, and…I would've really missed you."

"What about if I was in a coma for more than seven months, like…years, or even more?" you asked softly, dropping your hands down to your sides.

You were able to feel England stiffen, and it wasn't a few seconds later until he replied, "_____, do you really have to ask me that?"

"Yes, Arthur," you said half-jokingly. "I really have to ask you that."

Another moment of silence passed before England removed his arms from you and grasped you by your shoulders, pulling you away from him just enough so that you were able to meet his gaze. You felt pity form inside you when you took in the misery that had so quickly formed in his eyes.

England dropped his gaze down to the ground, his hands still firmly grasping your shoulders, before he began. "I… _____, you have no idea how miserable I would've been. Every day would've been like torture for me. Just seeing you there, unmoving, unresponsive…it kills me. I…I would've been very regretful, asking myself over and over why I had to put that spell on you and put you in a coma. But the thought that would've made me the most upset was that I never would've gotten the chance to tell you how much I cared about you, how much I didn't want you to leave, how much I cherished you. B-But, no matter what, I still would've stayed by your side until your very last breath."

"Oh…" you murmured as you continued to stare up at England, who still kept his depressed gaze fixed on the ground. You knew how sensitive he was to this kind of topic, and you didn't want to get him upset, especially on your honeymoon. You smiled before you wrapped your arms around his neck and planted a tiny kiss on his cheek. "You have nothing to worry about, Arthur. If you don't put anymore spells on me, I won't fall into a coma."

England sighed before a tiny smile made its way to his face. "Yes…I guess you're right."

You smiled and turned around so that you were once again gazing out into the calm water, watching as it shone under the moonlight. It seemed like it was already past midnight, and with everything that happened that day, you were absolutely exhausted. It wasn't long before you covered your mouth with your hand and let out a yawn.

England lifted his gaze from the ground and looked up at you. "Oh, are you tired, _____?"

"N-No," you said, your voice muffled through your hand. "I just…had a long day."

England smiled as he continued to look at you. "So have I, and I'm exhausted. Why don't we go to sleep?"

You spun around to face him, your eyes glittering with objection. "But I haven't even gone out on the balcony on the other side of the house!" you said in half a wail. "There's still so much more for me to see!"

England chuckled before he turned around and started heading towards the balcony door. "You can look tomorrow, after you get some rest."

You huffed as you crossed your arms and pouted, watching as England walked through the doorway and into the bedroom, leaving you standing there alone. You suddenly realized how tired you were, and how heavy your eyelids felt. England was right. It was time for you to get some sleep.

You sighed as you briefly turned around, taking one last look at the view of the beach, before you headed inside.

By the time you were already in your pajamas, you were so exhausted that you felt like you would've fallen over any moment. You moaned as you plopped down on one side of the large bed, rolling over so that you were facing the ceiling.

England, who had been busy finding a suitable pair of pajamas, turned around to face you, smiling when he saw you quietly falling asleep on the bed. Slowly, he approached you so that he was standing directly above you and gently brushed strands of hair away from your face before he leaned down and kissed your forehead. "Good night, _____ Kirkland," he said playfully.

You opened your eyes just the slightest amount, just enough so that you were able to properly look at England's face as he gazed down at you. A tiny smile came to your lips as you weakly replied, "Good night, Arthur. I love you…"

"I love you too," England murmured before he stood upright and walked into the adjoined bathroom, shutting the door behind him.

You sighed softly as you closed your eyes, several thoughts running through your mind. Finally, you were going to be sleeping with England again after two long weeks of waiting. And now, you were married. You never thought that jumping out of a two-story orphanage window almost a decade ago would've taken you this far.

Link to the rest of the chapters are here: [link]

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