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When you first opened your eyes, the first thing you felt was the warmth of someone's arms wrapped around your shoulders. You squinted as sunlight filled your bleary eyes before you let out a yawn, covering your mouth with your hand. You carefully shifted in bed so that you were looking at England, who had his arms around you while he quietly slept, his breaths coming out soft and light. You smiled before you leaned forward and gently kissed his nose, causing him to squirm and quietly murmur something before falling silent once again.

You giggled. England looked so adorable when he was asleep!

You sighed softly to yourself before you nuzzled your face against his shirt and rested your hands on top of his arms, not wanting to get out of the comfortable position that you were in. Your eyes felt like heavyweights, and you wanted nothing more than to close your eyes and fall asleep under England's warm embrace.

However, what kept you awake was the excitement that had been growing inside you ever since that memorable day less than a week ago when England had asked you to marry him. Just thinking about him becoming your husband made your whole body prickle with excitement, especially since this was something that you admitted you were never, ever expecting.

Before you had met him, you were a runaway orphan with a badly sprained ankle living behind a bush in a park in London. But then he found you and allowed you to stay with him while your ankle healed. Throughout that time, you had gotten used to his presence, which was why it was painful for you to have to leave him after your ankle was all better. That's why it was such a big surprise when he offered to adopt you. At first, you thought of him as your guardian, someone whose duty it was to protect you and keep you safe. But throughout the years that followed, you realized that you were starting to develop romantic feelings for him, even though you kept it hidden from everyone, even your friend, Sophie. However, you didn't admit your feelings to England because you doubted that they would've been mutual. But after you had figured out that he loved you, your life changed in a way that you never expected. And you were glad it did.

Although you felt happy about getting married to the person you loved the most, you felt like the weight of the world was already on your shoulders. You knew that marriage was a difficult thing to put up with, but you knew that it wouldn't have been that hard. England was a sweet, loving, protective guy who always made your life easier, and several times happier. Hopefully it would've been the same for marriage.

With all these wonderful thoughts running through your mind, you felt your eyes slowly close. You felt like you were on the verge of falling back asleep.

That is, until a loud beeping noise filled the room.

You winced as the noise shook your eardrums, causing you to cover your ears with both hands. You felt England's arms remove themselves from your shoulders, and you sat up in bed just in time to see him exasperatingly extend one hand and fiercely shut off his alarm.

"Bloody hell," England muttered as he sat up in bed and rubbed sleep from his eyes.

You smiled before you leaned forward and planted a kiss on his cheek, causing his eyes to widen in surprise and his face to turn red. "Good morning, Arthur," you said softly before you rested your head on his shoulder.

It took a few more seconds for England to reply, his heart still beating rapidly and his face still beet red. "G-Good morning, love," he stammered before he cleared his throat.

You lifted your head from his shoulder and took one look at him, watching as he rubbed his face in attempt to get rid of his prominent blush. You giggled. "Arthur, you still haven't gotten used to the fact that I kiss you every morning!"

England removed his hands from his face and looked at you, his eyes narrowing. "That's not true."

You let out another giggle before you poked his belly, causing him to draw back. "Yes, it is! You always blush whenever I'm affectionate towards you!"

England let out an exasperated sigh before he crossed his arms and turned his head away from you, his face still just as red as it was before, only this time from embarrassment. "W-What on earth makes you think that?"

You smiled before you wrapped your arms around his waist and rested your chin on his shoulder. "What makes me think that is your face going totally red every time I kiss you in the morning. It's not like I don't have eyes that can see, Arthur."

You expected his face to turn ever redder at your reply, but instead, England turned his head around so that he was gazing directly at you. He smirked, causing your chest to tighten, and he grasped your left hand under the covers before he lifted it to his lips and gave it a gentle kiss.

You were aware of how prominent your blush became instantly after the gesture. "H-Hey!" you squeaked in protest.

As soon as England lifted his eyes to meet the expression on your face, his smirk widened. "I guess I'm not the only one that blushes every time I receive affection."

You smacked him lightly on the shoulder before crossing your arms and pouting. "I hope you didn't forget that we have a meeting today, Arthur," you said loudly, trying to change the subject.

The smirk that was on England's face just seconds ago was quickly replaced with irritation as he drifted his gaze out the window. "Oh, that's right. I completely forgot."

You raised an eyebrow as you looked at him. "I thought you always set your alarm the night before a meeting."

England sighed before he ran a hand through his hair. "I do. I suppose my mind is just occupied with…other things."

You let out a tiny smile as you continued to look at him. "Like our engagement?"

England removed his hand from his hair before he smiled warmly at you, wrapping an arm around your shoulder and pulling you close. "Yes," he murmured before he kissed your forehead. "Like our engagement."

You giggled before you felt your eyes slowly close. All you wanted at that moment was to fall asleep until the comfort of England's arm wrapped around you. But you knew that there was a meeting that the both of you had to attend.

You sighed as you pulled away, looking at England seriously. "Hey…Arthur?"

England let his arm drop back down to his side as he turned his head to meet your gaze affectionately. "Yes, love?"

You let your gaze drift off to the window before it settled on your left hand, the hand that held your engagement ring. You stared at the ring for a few more seconds, feeling a prickly sensation start to grow inside you. You smiled before you looked back up at England, who was staring at you expectantly. "Are we going to tell everyone that we're engaged?"

England smiled before he leaned forward and planted a light kiss on your lips before looking at you warmly. "Of course, _____."


The both of you arrived at the meeting a little later than usual. While it was in progress, both you and England made sure not to show the slightest hint of affection towards each other. No holding hands, no looking at each other, nothing of the sort. You wanted the announcement to come as a real surprise for everyone. The fact that you were sitting next to England didn't really provide a hint—you always sat next to him during meetings in the past, so this was normal.

You briefly drifted your gaze from your hands, which were placed lightly on your lap, and looked up at the person sitting across from you. There was Sophie, not slouching in her seat, her light brown hair wrapped in a ponytail, her gaze serious as she took out a notebook and pen and began to scribble things into it.

The meeting hasn't even started, and she was already writing something. How wonderful. And that wasn't meant to be sarcastic.

Once Sophie noticed you staring at her, she lifted her gaze from her notebook and looked up at you before she smiled and gave you a tiny wave. You smiled back before you turned your attention back to your hands, your heartbeat rapid in excitement. How were you possibly going to announce that you, the girl who was caught passing notes during her first meeting, were engaged? Well, like England might've said, if you could've jumped out of a two story window when you were twelve, then you could certainly say you were going to be getting married.

Once all of the countries had finally arrived, you heard someone in the front of the room clear their throat. You lifted your gaze from your hands and looked up just in time to see Germany stack his papers together and look sternly into the eyes of every person in the room.

"Okay," he said as soon as the room was filled with absolute silence. "Let the meeting begin. Today's topic is—"

"Wait!" you yelled as you quickly stood up from your seat and slammed your hands down on the table before Germany had the chance to say anything else. You instantly felt the eyes of every person in the room set on you, although that was what concerned you the least.

Germany's eyes narrowed as he glared at you. "What is it, _____?" he asked, the annoyance obvious in his voice.

You blinked as you met his irritated gaze. "I have something important that I need to say to everyone."

Germany let out an exasperated sigh. "And is what you have to say so important that it must interrupt the beginning of a meeting?"

You rocked back and forth on your heels and nodded. "Well, I think so."

Germany groaned and leaned back in his seat before he began tapping his fingers against the smooth surface of the table. "Fine," he muttered. "But make it fast."

You nodded. "Yes, I will." Slowly, you moved your gaze as you met the eyes of every single person in the room. All of them were staring at you in anticipation, and you took a deep breath before you began speaking. "I have something very important that I need to share with all of you as soon as possible." You looked down at your feet momentarily before you lifted your gaze and smiled. Your eyes were sparkling in excitement as you raised your left hand out in front of you, revealing the beautiful ring with the emerald stone that England had presented to you. "I'm engaged!" you announced happily.

Dead silence followed.

You admitted that silence was the one reaction that you were not expecting. The happiness that filled your body just seconds ago was quickly replaced by nervousness as you let your hand slowly drop back down to your side. You let out a tiny, nervous laugh as you met the gaze of everyone in the room. Almost everyone's eyes were wide in shock and surprise, Sophie's with disbelief.

You cleared your throat before you shifted your gaze down to the side to meet England, who coughed into his fist before resting his chin in his hand and drifting his gaze off to one side.

The silence was finally broken when America jumped out of his seat and slammed his hands down on the table, excitement quickly filling his eyes. "Whoa, _____, seriously? No way! That's totally awesome!"

Before you had time to reply, America quickly dashed over to your side and picked you up by your shoulders, receiving a surprised yelp from you in return. Before you had time to react, he pulled you into a tight hug and began spinning you around. "My daughter's getting married!" he laughed as he twirled you around so fast that you quickly became dizzy.

"A-America!" you gasped as you felt your lungs being crushed under his strong grip "P-Put me down!"

"Oh, sorry," America chuckled before he finally set you down on the ground, supporting your arm as you rocked back and forth, everything still rotating in circles.

By the time the world seemed to have stopped spinning, you finally opened your eyes, and what greeted you was a large crowd of people surrounding you. Frankly, almost every person in the room. The only person who was not surrounding you and shouting questions into your ear was England, who had his gaze drifted off to one side of the room and was totally ignoring the mayhem, and Sophie, who was staring at you through narrowed eyes.
Never in your life have you been in the center of attention like this before. Everybody wanted to know everything about your wedding. When and where it was going to be, what dress you were going to be wearing. But most of all, they wanted to know who it was you were getting married to. What was he like? How long have you been in love with him? What was his name? When did he propose to you?

You never had time to answer all these different questions because it wasn't two seconds later until a new one came up. All you did was just stand there, trying to keep everybody back, trying to say who it was you were engaged to. But the noise of all the countries was so loud that you could've barely heard your own voice.

What was able to interrupt all the mayhem was a loud whistle that erupted from the crowd. At that instant, everybody stopped talking, and stepped to the side to reveal Sophie, standing with one hand on her hip while the other twirled a strand of light brown hair.

When every pair of eyes were focused on her, including yours, she walked a few steps forward before she paused, a smirk appearing on her face. "Duh, she is engaged to England!" she said before she walked up to him and gave him a slap on the back, causing him to gasp in shock. "And I was the first to notice it!"

All was silent for the next few seconds until someone pushed their way through the crowd of countries and paused a few feet away from Sophie, staring at her in confusion. It was Hungary.

"That's impossible," she said before she threw a sideways glance at England, who had his chin rested in both hands as he kept his gaze firmly fixed on the table, and a sideways glance at you as you blinked at her in confusion. Hungary turned her gaze back to Sophie, who was looking at her in determination. "Why would _____ be engaged to England, of all people? He's always so isolated, and hard to get along with."

Sophie only laughed. "The answer in simple!" She raised a finger as if to add to her point. "I've seen them hugging out in the hall a couple of years ago. And also, remember how everyone caught them holding hands during one of the meetings?"

"Hey, and there's something else!" America piped up from his place next to you. "When _____ was taken away from England, he called me and told me that he missed her, and wanted her back with him."

"Th-That was years ago!" England retorted as he stood up from his seat and glared at everyone, his face a deep shade of red.

America laughed. "Yeah, but still!"

You giggled before you rubbed the back of your neck with your hand and looked at England. "Arthur, you're always so tense!" Oops.

"Aha!" Sophie yelled as she snapped her fingers. She walked up to you and gave you a slap on the back, causing you to sigh. Sophie looked at everyone as she gripped your shoulder firmly. "See? She's even allowed to call England by his human name! Is anyone else here allowed to call England by his human name?"

When nobody said a word for the next few seconds, Sophie let out a smug smile before she crossed her arms. "My point is proven."

Hungary, who was still staring at the both of you, clapped her hands excitedly. "So this means that _____ and England are getting married!"

Another moment of silence passed, and once the realization hit everyone, they all burst into a loud fit of excitement, crowding around you and England and congratulating the both of you.

America, who seemed to have gone a little too excited, picked England up and started spinning him around just as he had done to you.

"Hahaha, England's getting married!" he said in half a shout while laughing, still twirling England around despite his protests.

"P-Put me down, you wanker!" England yelled as he began beating America's back with his fists, causing you to giggle.

Sophie smiled before she wrapped an arm around your shoulders and began ruffling your hair, causing you to let out a squeak. "Who would've thought that you would've gotten engaged to England? Oh, that's right. Me!" She started to laugh, causing you to let out a chuckle and shake your head. Sophie was acting like America again, but for the first time, you didn't mind.

"See, _____?" Sophie said to you. "I knew it since day one. I always knew ever since I saw the both of you hugging that you had feelings for England. But you said I was wrong. It just proves that I was right this whole time!"

"N-No, you weren't!" you said, letting out a laugh before you playfully shoved Sophie away. "I never knew of my feelings until recently, that's all!"

"Sure, _____," Sophie said to you, giving you a wink and causing your cheeks to turn a light shade of pink.

Once things seemed more or less under control, you and England were finally able to answer the questions such as what time the wedding was going to be, when, how many months away, and any other details that you felt were important enough to be shared. America had practically begged to be the best man, and England finally had to agree, though it seemed a little unwillingly.

"Oh, one more question for the both of you!" Sophie said as she began waving her hand back and forth. When you and England met her gaze, she tilted her head to one side, raised a finger, and smiled. "Can you guys kiss?"

Both you and England's faces turned a deep shade of red, eyes wide in surprise, though England was the first to speak. "W-Why the bloody hell would we do that?"

Sophie gave him a look as if he was the biggest idiot she had ever met. "Duh…because it's cute! Besides, I think everybody here would want to see the both of you kiss." In response, a couple of the countries nodded, and many of them were looking at both you and England expectantly.

England only let out an exasperated sigh, crossed his arms, and turned his head to the side. "I still don't understand why the lot of you believe it's so important that _____ and I have to kiss," he said, unaware of you staring at him with a smirk on your face. "If you believe that us kissing has to be so mandatory, I highly suggest that you—"

England never got the chance to finish his sentence before you grasped his shoulder with one hand, his chin with the other, and moved his head so that he was gazing directly at you. He stared at you in confusion, and before he had the chance to say anything, you closed the distance between the both of you as your lips met his, causing his eyes to widen in shock and his whole face to turn a deep shade of red.

Sophie giggled as others began shouting, cheering, clapping, whistling. America gave her a tiny tap on the shoulder and she looked up at him, giving him the thumbs up sign, receiving a laugh from him in return.

As soon as you finally pulled away, your face flushed with exhilaration, you stared up at England, who gazed at you in surprise and befuddlement. In return, you let out a giggle before you poked his nose, and he could've sworn that he had totally lost the ability to speak.

All of this talk about the wedding continued for a few more minutes or so before someone loudly cleared their throat, causing the room to go totally silent.

Everyone's gaze focused on Germany, who was looking at everyone with a slight hint of irritation. "Okay, we've had enough excitement in one day. Now are we going to get back to the meeting or not?"

Most of the others nodded, and you took your place in your seat next to England just like you had done that morning. As the meeting began, you felt his right hand warmly grasp your left, and when you looked up at him, you found that he was smiling warmly at you, his eyes filled with love.

You let out a tiny smile before you turned your attention back to the meeting in front of you, although it was really hard for you to pay attention. Many people seemed to have a hard time paying attention now that they knew you were going to be marrying England. It was always a big surprise for a country to get married, let alone getting married to someone who wasn't a country at all.

You spotted Sophie staring at you out of the corner of your eye, and when you looked up at you, she threw you a wink before she turned her attention back to her notebook and started scribbling notes.

You smiled, your cheeks turning slightly red, before you dropped your gaze down to the table, your hand never leaving England's for the rest of the meeting.
WHY IS THIS CHAPTER SO FLUFFYYYYYYYYY :iconitssofluffyplz: :iconcraiplz:?

Many people wanted me to make a sequel, SO HERE IT IS FOR ALL YOU PEOPLE :la:. I'm not sure how fast updates will be, since I have one other story I have to work on plus another I need to upload, and I have to go to the city on weekends, but I'll try to do as much as I can... =_=''

Link to the rest of the chapters are here: [link]


I do not own the preview image .-.
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