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February 21, 2013
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Throughout the rest of that week, you continued meeting Arthur in the morning and after school in the library, where he helped you complete all of your homework. You actually found that this week had sudden become a thousand times easier than you had expected, largely because of the fact that you weren’t procrastinating, weren’t in constant stress because of your failure to understand most of the material contained in your homework, and how you had been going to bed up to four hours earlier than you usually did. You were no longer as tired in the morning as you usually were, and you found it much easier to concentrate in school. Still, you had quite a bit of difficulty understanding the math, and you hoped that at least some of it would change after this weekend went by.

On Friday evening, right after the both of you had left the school after your meet-up in the library in the afternoon and were about to go your separate ways, you had arranged a meeting with Arthur tomorrow in the park at 11 a.m. It was going to take a bit of time for you to actually arrive there, since it was relatively close to the school and it always took you at least half an hour to arrive by bus, but you didn’t seem to complain.

That night you lay in your bed, unable to sleep, staring at the ceiling that was a bit hard to make out under the poor light. This is the first time in what seemed like forever that you actually got all of your homework done on a Friday, leaving you to relax for the rest of the weekend, though you knew you probably weren’t going to be relaxing in the way you had hoped. You had gone to bed early tonight despite the fact that you didn’t have to wake up early at all tomorrow, but you felt like getting at least 9 hours of sleep tonight would've been absolutely wonderful.

You turned over onto your side, feeling your chest tighten in anxiety by only a slight amount. This was going to be the first time you’ll be seeing Arthur on a weekend, not on a school day, for who knows how long. Even though you had known him for almost three weeks, you still felt a bit uncomfortable when you were alone with him. You saw no reason to feel that way, since obviously he wasn't going to be causing any harm to you—it seemed like he had only done the opposite ever since you met him—but being alone with someone like that still felt like a relatively new experience to you. However, you grew more accustomed to his presence throughout these past few weeks, so you figured you would've been fine.

Having your thoughts already set for tomorrow, you gently drifted off to sleep.


You woke up at around 8 a.m. the next morning, which was rather late compared to how you usually got out of bed, but you couldn't have cared less. You knew you had to be out of the house by 10:30 the most if you wanted to be in the park by 11, so you didn’t waste much time getting dressed and actually having a decent breakfast. You honestly never remembered a time when you had felt so happy not to have any homework for the weekend, even though you knew that you were still going to be doing some kind of work throughout these two days. Still, you figured it wasn't going to exhaust your mind as the work in school did.

It was a windy and rather colder day than usual, but you didn’t bother bringing along a jacket and instead wore a long sleeved shirt, a sweater, and jeans. You actually had the time to analyze what you were going to be wearing to the park and the opportunity to properly brush your hair and take a decent shower. It seemed like ages had passed since the last time you had felt so organized and clean.

By the time you headed out the door, it was almost 10:30 and you had brought along a small bag with you that you had over one shoulder, which contained a pencil, a few pieces of paper, and anything else you might've needed. You were kind of anxious to get there quickly—you didn’t want Arthur to find that you showed up late, after all.

When you had gotten off the bus and were now walking down the sidewalk, you looked down at your watch. It was about 10 minutes before 11 a.m., so you still had time to wander around for a bit, and you figured that the park wasn't too far away from where you currently were. But a part of you felt like you didn’t want to wait any longer to see Arthur, so you rejected the idea of going somewhere else for the time being and instead headed towards the front entrance to the park.

By the time you were only a block away from where you were supposed to meet Arthur, you were already able to make out the entrance, and you hoped that this was the right one that he had been talking about earlier. It certainly looked familiar to you, so you knew it had to be the one when you realized that you had been here with him once before.

As soon as you crossed the street, your eyes settled on a person sitting on the ground against one of the poles right next to the park entrance, and you were able to tell that he was actively sorting through a backpack that he carried with him. That’s strange, you thought with a frown. I usually don’t see a lot of homeless people here. But upon closer inspection, you realized that it wasn't a homeless guy, but it was only just Arthur.

You let out a tiny smile before you looked down at your watch. There were still about 7 minutes left until 11, so there shouldn’t have been a reason for him to arrive early. But since you did as well, you figured that it would've been best to walk up to him.

“Hey,” you said a bit quietly as you walked up to Arthur and paused directly in front of him, causing him to lift his head to look up at you with a slight look of surprise.

That look instantly faded before he cleared his throat and stood up, zipping up his backpack and putting it over his shoulder. “You're here a bit early,” he observed as he eyed you up and down.

You frowned. “Well, so are you. And by the way, when I saw you sitting here when I was a block away from the park, at first I seriously thought that you were a homeless person.”

Despite the bit of amusement that was in your voice, Arthur only rolled his eyes. “Do I look like a homeless person to you, _____?”

You were hesitant for a few moments before you replied a bit uncertainly. “W-Well, no, I mean...the way you were sitting and—Hey, what did you bring?” you asked, eager to change the subject.

Arthur removed his backpack from his shoulder and held it in one arm as he unzipped it with his other hand and tilted it forward slightly so that you were able to see what was inside. “I brought a few books that can be of use to us today, a notepad, and some food.”

You peeked inside. You were able to see that the backpack was almost completely filled with books, some containing no more than a hundred pages and others almost the size of your math textbook at school. You were also able to spot a plastic bag that was filled with a few sandwiches, and that was when you realized that you had completely forgotten about packing food of your own.

“That’s a lot of books,” you said with a frown. Looking back up at Arthur, who was staring at you expectantly, you added, “Honestly, sometimes I think you act exactly as if you were my tutor.”

“Well, that’s what I am, aren’t I?” he asked as he zipped up his backpack and once again put it over his shoulders. “I assist you with your work individually, so I don’t see why I shouldn’t be.”

“Well, it’s just...kind of hard to think of you as a tutor,” you said as you rubbed the back of your neck with your hand and dropped your gaze down to your feet. “I mean, you're my friend, and you're the same age as me and everything...”

“It doesn’t matter what age I am as long as I'm helping you understand what's being taught in school.” Arthur paused to look down at his watch. “We should really get started before we end up wasting any more time.”

“But we’re not wasting time,” you said as he led you into the park and you walked on the large path alongside him. “It’s nice talking to you.”

Arthur seemed to look a bit flattered when you shifted your gaze to the side to briefly look at him, but the expression on his face once again changed to one of seriousness. “We’re here to teach you everything that you’ve missed, not to have conversations about something else.”

You let out a huff as you stared at the ground and continued walking next to him. Honestly, he can be so stubborn sometimes...

“Where do you think we should sit?” Arthur asked you after some time passed and the both of you were still walking.

You were silent for a few moments as you analyzed your surroundings. You didn’t want to sit on a bench, since it usually had part of a tree hovering over it and that most of time blocked out any kind of sunlight throughout the majority of the day. Finally, your gaze settled on a small, grassy hill that had a rather large tree placed at the very top of it.

“Why don’t we sit over there?” you asked as you pointed to the direction of the tree. “It looks nice enough.”

Arthur was hesitant for a few moments before he finally sighed and nodded. “Alright, if you want to.”

By the time the both of you had already reached the top of the hill and gotten settled at the base of the tree, it was a few minutes past 11. You let out a contented sigh as you closed your eyes and rested the back of your head against the bark of the tree. “It feels so nice out here,” you commented. “I should be outside more often.”

“Yes, you should,” Arthur agreed as he took out some textbooks. “It would be very good for your health.”

You opened your eyes and frowned as you turned your head to gaze at him. “Honestly, sometimes I think you worry too much about me.”

He lifted his head to look up at you. “I do not worry too much,” he argued. “I simply do not want you to live a rough life, and I want to do everything I can to try and make things easier for you.”

You still weren’t completely satisfied, but once again moved your gaze back in front of you and closed your eyes. “Fine. If you say so.”

“So, why don’t we start from the beginning,” Arthur suggested as he opened up one of the textbooks. “That way you’ll get an idea of the basics and we can progress from there.”

You sighed before you opened your eyes and scooted a bit closer to him, just so it would've been easier for you to see the open textbook that was on his lap. “Okay.”


A few hours had passed as you continued to be assisted from the textbook and Arthur. For now, the both of you were progressing through it at a relatively fast pace, but you knew that things were going to be getting harder later on, when the material would've been almost as complicated as it was in school.

About three hours into the lesson, a sudden, strong gust of wind blew directly on the both of you. You had not anticipated the weather to be this cold today, and your lack of proper clothing instantly made you rub both arms with your hands and let out a shiver.

You tried to hide the fact that you were cold, but apparently Arthur noticed it, since he had turned his head to the side to look at you. “Are you cold?” he asked in a bit of concern as he carefully studied you.

The truth was that you were absolutely freezing. But still, you didn’t want to show any signs of weakness in front of him. “N-No,” you said with a sniff as you removed your hands from your arms and tried hard not to shiver. “I'm fine.”

A few moments passed in silence, your body shaking slightly from your failed attempt to remain still, before Arthur spoke up again. “I can give you my jacket, if you’d like.”

“N-No!” you said instantly as you turned your gaze to look at him. “I don’t need your jacket.”

“Would you rather get a cold from being exposed to this kind of weather, then?” he asked as he raised an eyebrow.

You were silent for a few moments as you continued to look at him, and you were able to tell by the expression on his face that he wouldn’t have believed you no matter how much you would've denied the fact that you were cold. “Fine,” you muttered as you dropped your gaze down to the ground.

In response, Arthur took off his jacket and gently draped it over your shoulders, and you instantly put your arms through its sleeves and buried your face in it contentedly. “It’s a little big on me,” you observed, your voice muffled through the jacket. “But it’s so warm...”

Arthur nodded approvingly, a tiny smile coming to his face. “Now you shouldn’t need to worry about getting a cold. The last thing we need is for you to get sick.”

You lifted your head to look up at him. “But aren’t you going to get cold?” you asked, a bit of concern detectable in your voice. “You're not dressed so warmly right now, either.”

He shrugged. “I'm sure I’ll be fine.”

“No,” you argued. “You’ll be just as cold as me.”

Arthur shifted his gaze to look at you. “Then how do you suppose I'm going to keep warm, then?”

You were silent for a few moments before you unzipped the jacket and removed one of your arms from its sleeve. “I think this will be big enough to cover the both of us,” you said. “It should keep us warm.”

Arthur's face instantly turned beet red and a surprised expression came across his face. “No,” he said as he turned his gaze away from you and crossed his arms. “I absolutely refuse to even think of doing that.”

“Would you rather get a cold from being exposed to this kind of weather, then?” you said a bit teasingly as you prodded him in the shoulder. “Come on, you’ll be warm, and it’s not like there's anything bad about sharing a jacket. Please?”

Arthur continued to remain silent before he finally let out a slightly irritated sigh. “Fine,” he muttered. “If it’ll make you so bloody happy, I’ll do it.” He scooted over so that his side was pressed against yours before he put his arm through the vacant sleeve. “But this is only for today. Tomorrow you should wear something warm so we won't have to sit like this.”

You nodded before the both of you resumed your lesson. As it progressed, you felt a sudden tingling sensation spread through you, and it made you shift a bit in discomfort. This was the first time that you had ever gotten this close to Arthur, and you had always gotten tense whenever he put his hand on your shoulder or did anything remotely close to that. But now, you were actually pressed against him, feeling him in a way that you had not done before. You had always gotten nervous whenever he was even sitting next to you, so how were you possibly able to feel relaxed now, with him directly next to you? But he was warm, and his jacket was warm, and it shielded you from the cold, so you didn’t seem to have any other choice.
Aww, reader-chan and Arthur shared a jacket. How cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute. o-o

Link to the rest of the chapters are here: [link]
I do not own the preview image .-.
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