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May 23, 2013
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You let out a low moan as you closed your eyes, leaning back so that your back was pressed against the chair you were sitting in.

By the time the lunch period ended, you had still been lying sprawled out on the cafeteria floor after Gilbert had punched your empty stomach. Your mind had been spinning, you had wanted to vomit, and you had felt like you were going to pass out from the nauseating pain you had been feeling. Nobody ever seemed to notice you lying on the floor clutching your stomach with a slightly twisted face, since nobody ever came around the lunch table you were sitting at. Even after all the kids left the room and headed to their next period, you were in so much pain that it was barely possible for you to let out a small cry of help. Luckily, a janitor that had been cleaning up after that period had spotted you lying on the floor and carried you to the school nurse, a trip which seemed like hours to you.

Now you were sitting in the exceptionally small waiting room, still holding your stomach and grimacing in pain. Though the aching seemed to lessen just a tiny bit, by that point you were in such a bad state that you barely seemed to notice it. After a few moments of sitting there in silence, silently listening to the rhythmic ticking of a nearby wall clock, you opened your eyes and briefly scanned the room which you were sitting in.

Across from you was a row of several empty chairs with a single picture hanging over them. One end of the chairs was the door that led back into the hallway, and on the other end was the door that led into the nurse’s room. When you had arrived in the room, she was already busy examining someone else, so you were forced to sit in the waiting room and wait for your turn to arrive.

It seemed like hours had passed that you had been sitting there by yourself, feverishly holding onto your stomach with trembling, weak hands, hoping over and over that the nurse would have came out of her room soon and helped you deal with your stomach pains. You continued to let out tiny, occasional moans as you kept your back pressed tightly against the chair, curling your toes as well as your fingers and grinding your teeth.

In an attempt to take your mind away from your painfully aching stomach, you instead thought about where Gilbert was right now, and how he was dealing with the fact that instead of being kind and offering you his sandwich, he brutally aimed a blow right at your stomach when you were starving, leaving you sprawled out on the floor. He knew that you were unable to get up and were in debilitating pain, but he made no effort to try and help you, even as you remained there after all the kids were heading out of the room at the end of the period.

Sure, Gilbert had inflicted a lot of rather intense physical pain on you in the past, but you didn’t think that it ever could’ve been this bad. He constantly did things to you that left bruises running up and down throughout a lot of your body, forcing you to wear long sleeved shirts and pants to avoid getting teased by anyone else because of your appearance. But based on how much pain you were feeling in your abdomen at the moment, you began to worry about whether or not Gilbert might've caused you inner damage.

As soon as you had that thought, you instantly felt your heart increase its pace in anxiety. You certainly didn’t want anything to be terribly wrong with your body, especially with such a vital organ like the stomach. What if you were experiencing so much pain at the moment because it might've been bleeding internally?

Calm down, _____, you told yourself as you attempted to slow down the rapid beating of your heart. It was only just a punch to the stomach. It couldn't be that bad, right? But a punch to the stomach already seemed serious enough, didn’t it?

Your thoughts were interrupted by the sound of the door to the waiting room swinging open rather loudly. You instantly lifted your head up at the sudden noise and could've sworn you almost had a heart attack as soon as you saw Gilbert enter the room, holding his arm with a rather annoyed look on his face, muttering quietly to himself as he took a few steps into the room and closed the door behind him.

Please don’t let him notice me, please don’t let him notice prayed, feeling your stomach twist nervously, causing you even more pain, and your heart rate to increase once again. But of course, things never seemed to go your way because it didn’t even take a second for Gilbert to lift his gaze from the floor and instantly meet yours.

As soon as he saw you sitting by yourself in one of the waiting room chairs, clutching your stomach desperately, looking up at him with terrified eyes, he instantly froze in his tracks and looked at you with slightly wide eyes.

You were able to tell that the expression on his face clearly showed that he was surprised to see you sitting there, though you didn’t have the slightest idea why. After all, he was the one who had caused you incredible pain by punching you in the stomach, so didn’t it make sense that you would've gone to the nurse as a result? However, you didn’t say these thoughts out loud and instead continued to stare blankly into the eyes of Gilbert, who returned your gaze with an equally shocked expression, though far from being as terrified as yours.

“Wh...What are you doing here...?” you finally managed to croak out once the silence between the both of you had stretched up to a point where it made you uncomfortable.

“None of your goddamn business,” Gilbert growled as he once again resumed walking forward and plopped himself down on one of the empty chairs across the room from you, his gaze firmly fixed on the ground.

“Okay...” you murmured quietly, pressing yourself a bit more tensely against the chair you were sitting in as you felt your body stiffen. You actually found it ironic that Gilbert considered that it wasn't any of your business to go into what was going on in his life, while it was perfectly fine for him to sabotage your life nearly every day the way he did. Still clutching your pained stomach with trembling hands, you also allowed your gaze to lower down onto the floor, though you would occasionally lift it every once in a while to look at Gilbert, making sure he wasn't doing anything out of the ordinary that might've affected you.

After a few minutes passed since he had entered the room and sat down across from you, you still looking up at him every once in a while, you lifted your gaze once more and saw him remove the hand that was holding onto his arm and drop it down to his side, revealing a fairly nasty scrape that was about the size of a fist. You were able to notice blood slowly tricking down it.

Now it was pretty evident to you that Gilbert arrived to the nurse because of this scrape that he had gotten some time after the lunch period ended, but how? Maybe he was in some kind of a sport and got knocked over or something. It wasn't even like you to be concerned anyway, since he never was concerned about your condition, so you figured that you might as well stop being concerned.

However, you didn’t turn your gaze away from Gilbert’s wound in time for him not to notice you staring at it, and as soon as he saw where your eyes were directed to, a low, angry growl escaped his throat. “What do you think you're staring at?” he asked loudly as he stood up from his seat and stomped over to you, pausing when he was directly over you, looking down at you with menacing eyes.

“A-Ah...” you stammered as you looked up at him nervously, shrinking back a little and pressing yourself even further against your chair. “N-Nothing...!”

“You were looking at the scrape on my arm, weren’t you?” Gilbert asked again a bit more demandingly, still staring down at you with such a look on his face that it almost made you whimper in terror.

“S-So what if I was?” you countered, looking up at him with a frown. “What's the big deal about it, anyway?”

“What's the big deal?” Gilbert repeated before a smirk slowly made its way to his face, making your heart race in fear. “Maybe it will be more of a big deal when you have something other that a stomach problem to deal with.”

You let out a tiny yelp as you watched Gilbert draw his clenched fist back, aiming directly at your face. But before he had the chance to strike, you heard loud footsteps coming from the nurse’s office and a set of voices, making him instantly turn his head towards that direction and immediately drop his hand back down to his side. He returned to his seat and managed to get into a normal, relaxed position just as the door opened and a boy who looked to be in his freshman year stepped out, the expression on his face implying his current state of slight wooziness.

As soon as the boy opened the door that led back into the hallway and stepped outside, closing it behind him, the nurse entered the waiting room, holding a clipboard in her hand. Walking up to the two rows of chairs against both sides of the room, she paused when she was standing in front of you and Gilbert.

“Now,” she said in a professional voice, “which one of you would like to go first?”

A moment of silence passed between the both of you, and Gilbert drifted his gaze down to the floor before he muttered, “She can go.”

“Alright then.” The nurse walked over to you and paused when she was standing a few feet away from you, causing you to feebly raise your head to meet her gaze. “Now, what seems to be the problem with you?”

“S-Stomach pains....” you muttered, your teeth still gritted from the aching in your abdomen.

“Stomach pains, huh?” the nurse asked, frowning in concern. “When did they start?”

“D-During lunch...” you replied softly.

“And do you think you might have any idea of how they started?”

“W-Well...I didn’t eat anything, and...” You fell silent for a few moments, staring up at the nurse with a slightly blank expression on your face. Should you have told her that Gilbert was the main cause of your pains because he had punched you in the stomach? You removed your gaze from the nurse and lowered it so that you were able to look at him. Instantly, your eyes widened when you noticed him giving you one of the scariest death stares you had ever seen. You were practically able to see the terrifying aura hanging over him. Quickly, you lifted your gaze back up to look at the nurse and continued. “I guess my stomach couldn't handle being empty for so long.”

The nurse let out a sigh and gave you a tiny smile. “Alright. Do you need help standing up?”

“N-No thank you...” you stammered as you got to your feet a bit shakily, following the nurse into her office. Even though your back was turned and you were facing the other way, you were still able to feel Gilbert’s intense gaze fixed on you, and just knowing it made you resist the urge to shudder.

It took about fifteen minutes that you were sitting there in the nurse’s office. During that time, she had been able to give you a pill to help treat your stomach pain, as well as some food to help you get it working properly again, which you were very thankful for considering the fact that you had still been completely starving.

When you left the nurse’s office, she still remained, writing some things down on a piece of paper. As you walked across the waiting room and towards the exit, still holding your stomach a bit, you made sure to keep your gaze lowered in order to deliberately avoid Gilbert’s as he still sat in the same chair that he was in after he arrived in the room quite some time ago. However, although you kept your gaze firmly fixed on the ground, you were able to sense that he was looking intensely at you, and the thought made your skin prickle in discomfort.

You quickened your pace only the slightest when you had arrived at the door that led back into the hallway, and just as you were about to open in and step outside, you felt a hand firmly place itself on your shoulder and spin you around, causing you to let out a squeak. Instantly, your gaze met Gilbert’s as he gripped your shoulders firmly with both hands and his face was only a few inches away from yours. You were practically able to feel his breath on your face, and it took all your strength not to lean back or cringe.

“If you tell any of the staff at this school, and I mean any of them,” Gilbert said in a voice so low that it made your heart increase its pace in fright, “about me punching you in the stomach or doing any kind of bad thing to you, I swear, I will beat and burn you to death.”

Your eyes widened as you continued to stare at him, and judging by the dark look in his eyes, you figured he wasn't joking. Before he gave you the chance to reply, Gilbert removed his hands from your shoulders, turned around and headed away from you just in time as the nurse appeared from her office and called him into the room.

Still looking at him even after he entered the office, you swallowed nervously before you turned back around and hastily left the room, walking down the hallway towards your locker where you had to pick up your books for that afternoon.

This day seriously couldn't get any thought sarcastically as you slowly, quietly, continued to walk down the empty halls.
Slow updates are slow. I'll try to update more frequently for you guys but I can't promise anything yet. ;u;

Link to the rest of the chapters are here: [link]
I do not own the preview image .-.
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