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May 11, 2013
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A young girl about 6 years old with (h/c) hair that went down just to about her shoulders stood at the edge of a pond in the middle of a fairly open field quite a distance away from the nearest park, staring intensely into its calmly rippling water with focused (e/c) eyes. Her reflection stared back at her, surrounded by a few lily pads which sat gently on the tip of the water’s surface. A few minutes passed in silence as she continued to stand there, the only sounds being the calm breeze as it moved through the grass and the tiny splashing of the water as it gently hit some of the rocks at the edge of the pond.

Come on, come out already...thought the girl, starting to get a little impatient from standing and waiting, both of which she had been doing for quite some time.

Just as she was about to decide to turn around and leave, she was able to see a figure rapidly increasing in size appear under the water, and it wasn't a few seconds later before a large splash was heard and a large bullfrog leaped out of the pond right in front of her and hopped onto the grass just a few feet away from where she was standing.

She let out an excited gasp and clapped her hands in amusement, giggling as she watched the frog remain in its place on the ground where it had jumped to. She fell silent once again, remaining in her position for the next few moments as she gazed at the frog with intense, curious eyes. Finally, she lifted one foot off of the ground and took a small step forward, holding her hands out in front of her only the slightest so she wouldn’t have lost her balance. She continued moving forward slowly, her breathing coming out slow and silent, as the frog still sat in its place on the ground, partially covered by the grass.

When it seemed like the girl was only a foot away from the frog, it took one huge leap away from her, landing somewhere off to the side next to the pond. She let out a tiny huff and crept up on the frog once more, only to have it jump away from her once again when she was only about a foot away.

This procedure continued for the next few minutes until finally the girl lost all patience and let out a giggle as she trotted over to the frog on rapid, tiny feet, following it as it kept on hopping away from her. She went after it with outstretched hands, a prominent smile on her face as she continued giggling, until finally the frog took a leap back into the pond and swam thoroughly away.

Aw...the girl thought with a frown as she stepped up to the edge of the pond and looked down at the place in the water that the frog, now nowhere to be seen, had jumped into.

The girl continued to stand there for a few moments in silence until she heard the soft scuffling of footsteps against the ground behind her.  She lifted her gaze from the pond and turned around just in time to see her friend running towards her, taking rapid and tiny steps with a somewhat angry look on his face. “_____!” he yelled, pausing when he was only about a few feet away from her.

“What's wrong?” the girl asked as she eyed the boy up and down. A prominent frown was on his face as he took deep, heavy breaths, and she was able to notice angry tears running down his face.

A few moments of silence passed between the both of them before he clenched his tiny fists and replied loudly. “Some stupid kids made fun of me just because they think I'm different!”

“Oh, no...” she murmured softly, concern quickly making its way to her face. “What did they say to you?”

The boy was quiet for a few moments before he answered. “They called me old because I have light colored hair, and they think I'm a vampire just because my eyes are red!”

“Oh,” the girl said quietly, watching as the tears that fell down his face became more frequent and noticeable.

“You don’t have to listen to those kids,” she assured, leaning forward and putting her hand on his shoulder, causing him to look at her confusingly. “No matter what they think of you or no matter how different you are, I’ll still always be your friend.”

“R-Really?” the boy asked, his voice slightly shaken.

The girl looked up at him and nodded with a smile. “Yes.”

“Pinkie promise?” he asked again, holding up his pinkie for her to take.

“Pinkie promise,” the girl repeated, taking her own pinkie and connecting it with his. “We’ll be best friends forever.”


You let out a sigh as you gathered your books and quickly made your way out of class, making sure to be alert for any signs of trouble around you. The bell had rung just a few moments before, signaling the end of that period, and you made sure to already have all your stuff gathered by the time you had to leave so you wouldn’t have wasted much time getting your books together and making your way out the door. You were frequently late to classes and got into trouble for that, even if it was by only two minutes, so you made sure to waste little to no time.

But not wanting to be late wasn't the only reason why you made haste as you walked down the hallway. You wanted to get to your next class as quickly as possible to avoid creating a problem by running into the person you dreaded seeing the most. He gave you more trouble than you already had to deal with in your life, and successfully avoiding him as you made your way to your next class would have made your day much easier.

You continued walking to your next class at a faster-than-normal pace, keeping your head down but moving your gaze from side to side to make sure nobody was following you or seemed to set their attention on you.

“Hey, you there!”

At the sound of a painfully familiar voice, you instantly froze in your tracks and lifted your head up, your eyes widening in fear and your breath getting caught in your throat. Crap! you thought. Even though this was a regular occurrence for you, you made an attempt to force yourself to keep walking as if nothing had been heard, to do something, anything than just stand there so helplessly!

Bu before you had time to attempt to make any kind of movements, you felt a hand firmly rest on your shoulder and quickly spin you around, causing you to hold back a yelp. What you were now facing was a boy about your age, though taller by just a few inches as he stared down at you with menacing eyes, anger prominent on his face.

The both of you continued to meet each other’s gazes for the next few moments, him glaring down at you threateningly and you looking up at him terrifyingly as you attempted to resist the urge to shrink away in fear. “Wh-What—” you murmured in an attempt to speak, only to let out a yelp when the boy fiercely grasped your collar and pushed you roughly against the lockers with a loud bang, causing pain to explode throughout your back.

You fought the temptation of letting out a low moan at the impact, and instead looked up to meet his gaze once again with wide, terrified eyes. “G-Gilbert...” you murmured softly, feeling your body shake. “Wh...What do you want?”

“You dummkopf,” he growled, his eyes seemingly darkening as he still kept that threatening expression glued to his face. “Where's my money?”

“” you asked, the terror in your gaze being replaced by slight confusion. “What money?”

“Idiot!” At this remark, you were shoved against the locker you were already pressed against once more with equal force as the last one, both of Gilbert’s hands firmly grasping your collar. “The money you were supposed to give me yesterday!”

You were silent for a few moments, still looking up at him a bit uncertainly, before you finally managed to say weakly, “I...don’t have any money...” That was a lie, since you actually had a couple of dollars tucked in your back pocket, but you were saving those for your school lunch. You certainly didn’t want to give them to him.

“Liar!” Gilbert said more loudly as he grasped your hair and gave it a rough pull upwards, resulting in a yelp of pain coming from you. “I know you always carry money with you, _____! Now hand it over before I...” He removed his other hand from your collar, clenched it, and drew it back in a pose that made you knew it was going to meet your face if you didn’t act quickly.

“Okay, okay, wait!” you gasped, waving your hands frantically in front of him as you dug your hands into your pockets, searching intently for the one that held the money that you brought along with you this morning. You were able to feel Gilbert’s intense gaze fixed on you, causing your skin to prickle with discomfort. Finally, your hand rested on the money that you kept tucked deeply in your back pocket. You pulled out the bills and brought them in front of you.

“Now, do you want all of them or—” You never got to finish your sentence before he roughly snatched the money out of your hand and shoved them into the pocket of his sweater. You were able to feel his painful grip on your hair release, and you let out a tiny, slightly relieved sigh and took a step forward.

“You better not forget about my money next time,” Gilbert growled as the both of your gazes met once again, “or else.” He gave you one last, rough shove against the locker before he walked away, leaving you looking after him with slightly wide, panic-filled eyes.

Your back was aching, your head was hurting, your body was tense, and you were able to feel the rapid beating of your heart even as you watched Gilbert turn a corner and disappear from view. Looking up at the nearest clock, you cursed under your breath when you realized that you were already 5 minutes late to class.

So much for trying to make it in time...

And on top of that, you had no lunch money, meaning you were most likely going to starve all the way up until school ended.

This was just an ordinary day for you.
This thing is so rushed it's not even funny.
Anyway I don't know what the plotline is gonna be completely yet, BUT I'LL FIGURE SOMETHING OUT.

Edit: Wow, um...I can't believe this thing got over 10,000 views Q.Q Considering how I didn't put as much thought into writing this and how I thought this story wasn't going to be popular at all, I'm pretty surprised. ;u;

Link to the rest of the chapters are here:
I do not own the preview image .-.
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